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About Us

About Us

History of the Supreme House of Cheese

Supreme Dairy Products Company was incorporated in 1930. President Louis Alleman ran the company from 1935 until his death in 1971. In 1935, Supreme Dairy produced cheese in Toluca until 1947, when a new modern building was erected at 222 E. Santa Fe Avenue. Louis Alleman’s son Norman L. Alleman, Sr. was its manager.

In 1970, the front portion of the plant was converted to a small grocery store specializing in dairy products, named the Supreme House of Cheese. It was founded by Bud and Helen Alleman. It was famous for glazed donuts, homemade salads, and wholesome cheese and meats.

Norm Alleman, Jr. joined the company in 1970 first as a milk handler and then as a clerk in the store. He became owner and manager in 1984 along with his wife Diane. Both of their children, Anthony and Brittany, worked at the store during their school years. While still keeping the specialty dairy line, they expanded their donut and bakery items, added Lil’ Chet’s Pizza in 1989 and specialized in a fast service food line for customers who were in a hurry. They also increased their product line with additional homemade salads and cheese spreads, fountain drinks, soft serve ice cream, and catering. In 1999 they expanded the front of the business with a sunroom, seating up to 50 patrons. A new era began in 2009 with the addition of a full menu, made to order breakfast, and daily lunch specials.

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